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Working to ensure unethical and illegal conduct by government and those doing business with government is exposed and appropriate remedies are pursued.

We are tired of government bodies and officials and the persons who conduct business with them not complying with the law — from the U.S. Constitution down to local rules and regulations, and everything in between — and equally tired of them wasting taxpayer resources and circumventing voter approval.

And we are concerned about this not only in the cities and counties where we live and/or work but also throughout the State of California and even the country.

We are a nonpartisan advocacy and education group for government transparency and accountability. As a nonprofit corporation, "P4OG" is a way to achieve collective action that doesn't require money or exposure to participate.

We are laser-focused on corruption and government malfeasance, nothing else. No personalities or positions.

As a stand-alone 501(c)(3), P4OG legally cannot endorse any candidate or ballot measure; and a politically affiliated 501(c)(4) does not exist nor is one contemplated.

If you agree and want to consider joining us, here is our membership application.

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P4OG is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) dedicated to advocacy/education for government transparency and accountability.

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Privacy Policy

This website does not use cookies or log files or other means to collect any visitor data or personally identifiable information. This website is not integrated with any third-party vendors such as Google Analytics or Salesforce. These statements can be verified by right-clicking to view the page source code.

Member information provided in submitted Membership Application forms and other correspondence, if any, is digitally and physically secured, kept strictly confidential, and used per the terms that applicants specify. Access to this information is limited to corporate officers and legal counsel on a need-to-know basis as necessary for conducting official business.

P4OG makes every effort to keep member information strictly confidential and anonymous, and does not share it with any third parties. P4OG understands that the only way it can pursue its mission is if it has the complete trust of its members; and it will defend against any efforts by law enforcement, other government agencies, or any third parties seeking to identify them.

Once persons who have been accepted as members indicate in writing that they no longer wish to be a member, their information will be deleted in any digital or physical form in which it may be stored.

Changes to this privacy policy, if any, will be noticed in this same place here on our website.

For any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please write to us about it here.

Last updated: 9/1/22